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A Life Well Lived

Memorializing the Memories of a Lifetime. Gather. Remember. Rejoice.

Life is all about building relationships and sharing memories; and while living life means different things to different people, having a loving event of some kind celebrates the choices  made, the relationship you shared, and honors the memory of your loved one. The following tool is here to help you visualize what is meaningful to you. While many families find great value in following the traditions of those gone before, some choose to commemorate life with more unique reflections.

Whatever your wish, Posey Funeral Directors is here to assist with planning whatever is meaningful to you.

  • Honoring Life

    Honoring Life

    Honoring a life means acknowledging the uniqueness of the deceased: their personality, life choices, and the path they walked in life.

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  • Memorial Events

    Memorial Events

    All too often, families discount the value of ceremony after the death of a loved one. What we tend to overlook today is that a funeral or memorial service is an important part of the healing process.

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  • Burials


    Burials are a traditional and preferred option for many families. At Posey's, we assist families by dealing directly with all cemeteries to ensure that the family's needs are met. 

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  • Cremation


    Posey Funeral Directors offers the only on-site crematory in North Augusta. It is our belief that by knowing your loved remains in our continuous care, a certain peace of mind is felt which helps the family feel secure. 

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  • Continued Care

    Continued Care

    Wherever you are in your grief journey, you are not alone. Posey Funeral Directors is here to provide caring service every step of the way.

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  • Pet Services

    Pet Services

    The death of a family pet is often as emotional as the passing of a family member.  At such a time, you can turn to us with confidence. We will help you make the best decision for you and your animal companion.

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